The Parlor of Oxford


*Kera10 hair extensions are priced per gram and each gram is $10. There is 10 grams in a bundle and each bundle is $100. Our salon is certified with Kera10 and we believe that Kera10 extensions are one of the best in the industry. Kera10 Extensions use the best quality of human hair and they provide the most natural enhancements to give you longer and thicker hair. After the consultation, our stylist will match your color and will advise you in how many bundles of Kera10 hair you will need to create the look that you are wanting to achieve.  
  • Kera10 Bonded Extensions - $100 a bundle
*We also provide another type of extension which is Tape-In Extensions. Our tape-ins are reusable. We charge $20 a piece or $40 a sandwich. Moving up the hair extensions we charge a flat rate of $150.